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17 Feb, 2015Congratulations!

Congratulations to Norfolk Knitters and Stitchers for being awarded their £250,000 lottery grant! More details can be found on the EDP web site.

24 Oct, 2014Venture Farm Update
Venture Farm Update

The Venture Farm Cat Rescue web site has had a small revamp in looks and a large revamp in terms of the underlying coding!

22 Aug, 2014Revamp for Norfolk Knitters
Revamp for Norfolk Knitters

Norfolk Knitters is now Norfolk Knitters and Stitchers and they celebrate by having a makeover!

13 Aug, 2014Remote Video Editing
Remote Video Editing

Paul Stowe has a new web site, Remote Video Editing in order to promote his video editing service.

19 Jan, 2014UK Computer Magazines updated
UK Computer Magazines updated

My article on UK Computer Magazines from the 1970s onwards has had a spring clean!

6 Jan, 2013Summer Garden Buildings
Summer Garden Buildings

The Summer Garden Buildings web site makeover finally went live a few days ago. So far, everything is running quite smoothly though there are a few things that inevitably need tweaking!

14 Dec, 2012The Sweeper

Here's the link to my story on the Colors of My Soul web site.

10 Dec, 2012Colors of My Soul

Yesterday, much to my surprise, it was announced that I had won the 101 Fiction contest on Facebook run by Colors of My Soul with my story called The Sweeper. I will post a proper link to it when they update their site .

28 Nov, 2012This Is Cromer
This Is Cromer

The new version of the This is Cromer web site is now live along with the Cromer app for both iOS and Android.

2 Aug, 2012Boudicca Way uses my panoramas

The Boudicca Way web site is now using the panoramas I uploaded to Panoramic Earth of High Ash Farm and the Caistor Roman Town (Venta Icenorum).