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The Toads Song List

This is the complete list of all original songs played live by the Toads - we occasionally played covers, Bowie's Heroes is the only one that comes to mind.

  • All I Wanna Be Is A Star (Viner)
  • Bad Time (Smith)
  • Bank Job (Viner)
  • Blood On My Wheels (Viner)
  • Eyes (Viner)
  • Fatlip (Cheetham - he wrote this after someone beat him up because he was a punk, he did have a fat lip for a few days!)
  • Get Ready (Smith)
  • I Don't Care About You (Smith)
  • I Hate Japan (Smith)
  • I'm So Bored (Cheetham)
  • In The Subway (Smith)
  • Mixed Up Kid (Smith)
  • Never Happen Here (Viner)
  • Nowhere To Go (Viner)
  • On The Run (Smith)
  • Shit Parade (Lyrics: Smith; Music: Viner)
  • Slimey Toad (Cheetham)
  • Stick It Up (Smith)
  • Suppression/Oppression (Viner)
  • You're So Blank (Smith)
  • You're The Girl (Smith)

(Some of the above are available as mp3s from the music page on the main Toads web site.